Rugs 50x100

These beautiful rugs (available in 50x100 and 150x200 cm) are sturdy in structure and over time take on their own unmistakable patina finish. Don’t be afraid to put them to work – they’re meant to be used! Each piece is an original, hand-crocheted from high-quality core-spun cotton. Our rugs are luxurious and pleasant to the touch. They are made with 5% elastane and are available in knitted or crocheted patterns. The knitted ones tend to be a bit more stretchy. You could put one next to the bed as a soft place for tired feet. Your pets will also love our rugs.


Color:: beige beige (2)
Color:: black black (1)
Color:: blue blue (2)
Color:: brown brown (2)
Color:: cream cream (1)
Color:: green green (5)
Color:: grey grey (4)
Color:: pink pink (1)
Color:: yellow yellow (1)


Measurements: (cm)

155x74 (1)
50 x 100 (18)

Weight: (kg)

1,5 (6)
3 (1)
3,5 (12)

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