Hand-crocheted rug B119 grey 150x200 cm

The hand-crocheted grey rug B119 is part of the Catness Design 2015/16 collection. This collection features mainly muted colors. This size rug goes well in any room.
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Hand-crocheted rug B119 grey 150x200 cm
Material:100% cotton
Measurements:150 x 200 cm
Weight:7,5 kg

Product parameters

  • HandmadeHandmade

    Every product we make is handmade. Our home decorations pass through several departments in our company, from the initial design to making the prototype, knitting or crocheting the product, sewing it together, and of course taking photographs, packing it up and sending it to you.

  • 100% cotton100% cotton

    Cotton is the most common natural material used. Products marked as "100% cotton" must contain at least 98% cotton.

  • Made in EUMade in EU

    Just to be clear that the product comes from the European Union, specifically the Czech Republic. This symbol is here to head off any speculation that our products might be imported.

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Large hand-crocheted rug B119 was designed and made in the Czech Republic by our designers.
Each product from our workshop is made by hand.
We primarily specialize in hand knitting and crochet, which are popular the world over.
Our original knitted and crocheted home furnishings perfectly complement a minimalist, traditional or elegant interior.
The exclusive hand-crocheted rug is made of 100% core-spun cotton, making the rug highly stable and strong. Catness Design rugs are distinguished by their sturdy, hand-made construction. Over time the rug will take on its own unmistakable patina finish.
This exclusive rug measures 150x200 cm and works best in larger rooms. Catness Design products are designed to retain their quality and uniqueness with the recommended regular maintenance.
The product may be slightly different in color from the model in the photograph.
Since all our products are hand-made, the dimensions given are approximate.

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