Catness Design cushions make lovely decorations while remaining practical enough to nap on when desired. We make our hand-knitted cushions from the same material as our rugs, baskets and poufs. This makes it easy for you to mix and match however you like. The cushion covers can be removed for cleaning. Most of our cushions are made of cotton, but we also offer pieces from more exclusive materials. These are prototypes and each is one of a kind. You can choose any combination of colors, materials and patterns to create an exquisite cushion for your home.

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Color:: beige beige (6)
Color:: black black (1)
Color:: blue blue (6)
Color:: brown brown (4)
Color:: green green (6)
Color:: grey grey (14)
ivory (1)
Color:: pink pink (2)
Color:: purple purple (1)
Color:: red red (2)
Color:: white white (4)
Color:: yellow yellow (1)


Measurements: (cm)

40 x 40 (6)
50 x 50 (42)

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