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Date: 29.1.2016

Catness Design is a Czech company founded by two friends, Katka and Lucka. Both come from small villages from the region of Slovacko in Moravia, a region well known for its vineyards, Slivovice and hardworking happy people. The ladies always had mutual interests – sport (both are rowers), fashion, design and interior architecture.

Their business started completely by chance. 
Katka had purchased for her newly renovated home a puffet. In a short period of time the puffet had lost its original shape and structure. So Katka asked Lucka for advice on what to do with it. Over a glass of wine and despairingly looking at the imperfect product came an idea.
That is when the idea came about to start their own company developing and hand making great products, honestly and to their our own design, using only quality materials from cotton, wool, mohair and other yarns using colours likeable by all and no mass production.
Simply, quality handmade products for people who really care about how they live and quality products they like to surround themselves with.

The ladies followed their dream step by step. 
After a years preparation came to light their first products on their very own e-shop for the Czech Republic. 
They immediately attracted great interest from prospective clients thanks to spontaneous sharing of information about Catness Design on social networks, which was a very pleasant surprise for both Katka and Lucka. 
This also led to immediate interest in their company by the Czech media specialising in interior design and living. 
Soon Catness began cooperating with interior designers and architects who used their products in their concepts or asked for tailor made products. Catness continues to win the hearts of many new customers, not only in the Czech Republic but also throughout Europe and further abroad. The company continues to pleasantly surprise with its innovation and gradual expansion of its product portfolio in line with increased production.

Our staff
All of our products are handmade and in production we do not use any machinery. We are all from a region where ladies have knitting and crocheting in their genes. Currently we employ in the excess of 20 experienced people whose care and devotion to detail reflects in all of our products. In each product you will find a piece of their artistry.  Our home furnishings are all handmade from 100& woollen heavy core spun yarn that is of the highest quality but physically demanding on the employee when knitting or crocheting. 

Products and materials – handmade in the EU.
Our household furnishings and decorations are lovingly created with care and attention in our workshop in the same manner as they were designed. Thanks to precision whilst either knitting or crocheting we are able to create authentic home furnishings and fashion accessories. 
We take an attentive personal approach to each of our products, be it a puffet, rug, cushion or plaid blanket, which we like to transfer through to you and your home.
We try to use colours reflecting the season of the year. 
Soft shades of colour prevail in our collection, however in our children’s collection we go for brighter colours. All of our products are washable and easily maintainable so that they remain in good condition for many years. Thanks to easy removal of the covers on our puffet and floor cushion range you can easily top up with filling beads should the need arise.

Our retail partners.
Currently our home furnishing products and fashion accessories are mainly available to buy through our e-shop.  We do however have retail partners such as designer furniture showrooms for example, offering a range of our products. These can be found in Prague, Brno, Olomouc, Opava, Plzen, Zábřeh, Zlin, Bzenec or our very own shop in Uherske Hradiste. 

We only make things that we like and would wear ourselves or have in our homes.  Each of our designs carries a little bit of our dreams and imagination. That is why your reaction and feedback on our products, either current or newly introduced, is extremely important to us.
We are always grateful for your feedback and support and it is thanks to you we take great satisfaction from our creations making it all worthwhile.
Yours Lucy and Kate

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