What to do with a hand-crocheted basket? Just have a look at our pictures for inspiration. A crocheted basket offers any number of possibilities. Looking for an original gift idea? Picture a hand-crocheted basket holding a bottle of good wine. Even firewood can look stylish in one of these baskets. You can store magazines in a basket with leather handles...instead of scattered all over the coffee table. Your children will love it as a home for their stuffed animals. Our crocheted baskets feature two different types of handles. Make sure to get a crocheted rug or cushion in the same color for a matching set.

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Color:: beige beige (1)
Color:: blue blue (5)
Color:: brown brown (2)
Color:: green green (6)
Color:: grey grey (5)
charchoal (1)
ivory (1)
Color:: pink pink (2)
Color:: purple purple (1)
Color:: white white (1)
Color:: yellow yellow (1)

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1,5 (20)

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